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Film Festivals That You Must Attend

If you think that you have made a brilliant movie, then you should try submitting it to a film festival. Attending film festivals is a wonderful way to promote your film to local and international audiences. The feedback you will receive from the film critics will help you in making better films next time. Here are some film festivals you must attend.

The Festival De Cannes

This is one of the biggest film festivals in the world. The festival is normally held in May every year. If you are new at filmmaking this attending, this festival will be very helpful for you. It’s a great opportunity to show your skills to the world.

At the same time, you get to see a lot of films made by aspiring filmmakers. You also get to attend the red carpet events. The major film stars and directors will be there.

Venice Film Festival

This is a prestigious event, and you must attend it. The event is full of stars from the film industry. Several movies will be premiering here. If you can manage to show your film in any suitable category, then you will be lucky. You will get the attention of some influential people in the industry.

TriBeCa Film Festival

This is a new event that was started by Robert De Niro after the 9/11 incident to bring back life into the lower Manhattan region. This is a great platform to promote your film. As Oscar-worthy films are not usually premiered here, your film has a fair chance of being screened.

Attending these film festivals can make you more knowledgeable as a filmmaker. You can also get the chance to see others’ work and learn from them. The network you will form will help you in your future endeavours. These are great platforms for promoting your film to a large group of audiences across the globe.