If you have created a wonderful movie, TV show, radio program, or theatre production, then you have only done half of the work. Unless you promote these, no one will come to watch these shows. You need to invest a lot of money in marketing your works.

Fortunately, platforms like us can allow you to promote your shows at an affordable price. We offer various advertising options, and you will easily be able to find something suitable for you. Here we are going to discuss some of these options.

Video ads

You can create short video ads that we can include in our magazine. We can place it in between relevant content so that the readers look at the ads. Creating the ad is very simple; you can do it on your own or ask for help from our professionals. The rate for this ad can vary depending on the placement of the ad.


We can write good reviews about your shows. This will help readers to learn in detail about your shows. We can give a good synopsis of your shows and movies to create interest. Before writing reviews, we watch the film or shows first so that we can give a genuine review.

Social media advertising

We are active on our social media platform. You can post video ads on our social media to attract audiences. Make sure that the audiences get a good glimpse of your show so that they feel excited to watch it. You can endorse a celebrity to make your video ad. This might attract a lot of audiences too.

Newsletter ads

We send a monthly newsletter to our subscribers. You can place banner ads on our newsletter about your show. You can offer them discounts on tickets too.

These advertising solutions are very effective if you have a medium to low advertising budget. You can reach a lot of audiences with the help of these ads.