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5 Innovative Movie Marketing Campaigns

Making a movie is a big task, but it doesn’t end there. You need to reach it to the right people. For that, you need good marketing strategies. Here are some innovative marketing campaigns that can work well for your movies.

Do a publicity stunt

You can go for viral marketing. That way, people will talk about your movie, and you will get many audiences. In the UK, during the Games of Thrones promotion, a bus-sized dragon’s head was created and made it look as if it was washed up on a beach. You can come up with some brilliant ideas to create a buzz about your movie.

Pre-roll video advertisement

A pre-roll video can ignite interest in the movie even before the trailer is released. This method is inexpensive. You can have the video appearing before movies that are similar to yours. There should be a call-to-action like visiting the movie’s Facebook Page or getting engaged in a game related to the movies.

Let the viewers experience the story

This approach was taken by The Hunger Games. A ‘virtual Hunger Games’ was created where audiences could participate and compete with each other. This created more interest in the movie. You can create a similar experience related to your movie.

Get movie listed in IMDB

People search for movies in IMDB. By listing your movie there, you can get viewers to watch your movie. You should fill out the information about your movie in detail so that the visitors can learn more about your movie.

Make the Facebook page interactive

You should create a Facebook page for your movie and make the page interactive. Movies like Hunger Games and World War Z had their Facebook page loaded with contests, fun apps, and various games. You must provide constant updates about the movie to engage the audience.

These marketing strategies will work well for your movie. You need to plan and allocate enough funds and resources to implement these strategies.