PART TWO of the Radio broadcast of SOMOV Episode 34 with new on going series FREE TO GOOD HOME that explores the current situation of Edmonton’s ArtsHab. This segment we speak with Edmonton Arts Council Executive Director John Mahon.

SOMOV FEATURE: Sheri Barclay is a radio host, DJ, Photographer, artist and “Hipster Scene” Icon. She has seen and shown but what does she see and what does she want to show you in part one of the feature documentary ANYWAY, WHATEVER.

"The Barclay Hour is a radio show broadcast live from Edmonton, Alberta every Wednesday from 1-3 pm on CJSR FM 88.5, if you don't live in Edmonton you can listen to it anytime on MySpace. The show is sheer entertainment through a rainbow of music played on it; and a central theme (or 8) told by myself through stories, interviews, and inside jokes that (try to) compliment the music. Sometimes I feature what I call 'celebrity underdogs.' It's sentimental and everything that is missing from modern radio. And even when that special something isn't missing; it's just not done with any style. Even though that style has most people asking me if I ever sleep."

SOMOV is shot on location in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and can be heard weekly on CJSR 88.5 FM and seen here on ASPARAGUSGREEN.CA.