Welcome to CINEMA VERT a visual forum to express, support and further reference the storys and the ideals of SOMOV and ASPARAGUSGREEN.CA.

The material that is posted here is that of other artists, voices and fellow collaborators that I have worked with, interviewed, met or simply admire. This is also a place for the listeners and viewers of SOMOV and ASPARAGUSGREEN.CA to share their work and share their voices. If you are interested, simply email a link to the video with a brief on the what and why. If it fits, I'll post it. The world does not need another video site and that is not what this is. What it will be? You tell me.

This material that is freely available on the internet, may represent the spirit of ASPAGUSGREEN.CA, but does not represent the views or opinions of ASPARAGUSGREEN.CA or SOMOV.